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This site is for student nurses or nurses starting out. Letters to a Young Nurse are blog posts written like letters to help you find your way and make your journey as a nurse less difficult. 


It's FREE!!!

Every two years nurses have to renew their BLS certification. When I went to find a class nearby to take, I came across a helpful website. The website was started by the Save a Life Initiative which gives online access for CPR certification. You have to be careful about online BlS, ACLS and PALS courses online because some companies and organizations require in person training. Check with your employer before taking CPR online. After booking my class I found some great resources and information for nurses on the website run by the not for profit organization.

1. The first one I found was written for new nurses. It has excellent information to follow when you get your first job as a nurse.

2. There are links for the 25 books that every nurse should read.

3. This page has links to websites for studying, education and humor. If you have graduated, remember, you should always be learning.

There is also a link to Smart Scholar which is a website with more nursing and education resources.

There are also free resources there in many areas of CPR to include ACLS, BLS, PALS and Heart Rhythms.


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