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This site is for student nurses or nurses starting out. Letters to a Young Nurse are blog posts written like letters to help you find your way and make your journey as a nurse less difficult. 


We are all Good Medicine

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Take a few minutes to reflect on all of the good you do as a nurse in the world of Medicine. This poem was written by a doctor who became a professor and then became a patient with advanced cancer. She was touched by the entire medical community from the transport people to radiology techs to nurses, to phlebotomists to doctors and came through the other side with gratitude and a new perspective on medicine.

Medicine by Audrey Shafer, MD

Medicine is this -- the sun dries your unfurling wings and you stand commencing with new wisdom

Medicine is this -- we are alone, each in our own body yet, like roots intertwining trees below the forest floor we connect, each to each to each

Medicine is this -- an awareness of transience eternity held in a single moment the moment held with a steady gaze researcher, teacher, patient, doctor the connecting circles of those who care

Medicine is this: we are here beside you, beholding you; we listen we pave a path girded by scientific discovery and remain here, with you, as you feel the gentle warmth of health

Medicine is this -- an ever education that teaches love, that teaches justice, that teaches speak up, that teaches pride that teaches the colors of the many threads which weave among us that teaches the long arc of mending and care

Medicine is this -- a life you dream becomes the life you lead you sit at the bench searching for an answer the many nights, the puzzling paths ending at the secret garden's locked gate and just then it comes, the very question you need to turn the key you connect with those around you, and you smile curious as morning light to see what the day will bring

Medicine is this -- masks and shields, gloves and glass a door from today opens to tomorrow an overture: a chance to breathe, to sigh, to smile

Medicine is this: a gaze from a waiting room window your body no longer scripted, your fingers tap quietly you rise to the call of your name, to a receptionist's bright smile while above, the helicopter brings a new family to the wide arms of healing

Medicine is this: long nights, long hallways, infinite pages hard choices, fatigue felt in bones, yet clocks become calendars, neophytes become seasoned and welcome, as they had been, all who come to learn connections like bridges through generations each knowing more, each contributing as the community of medicine nurtures insights to full flower, from the promise of green buds to the sun-tipped splendor of blossoms open to the world

Medicine is just this: us we are medicine from a baby's first blinks in the light to a patient's guided steps after surgery we are medicine from a grinning preschooler as her end-of-treatment bell rings to a friendly check on a colleague after a heartbreak shift we are medicine from the first white coat to the cap and gown we champion the head and heart of research to understand, to pioneer, to transform science into hope we are medicine all of us shining points on a great linked sphere together we learn together we teach together we discover together we share together we heal together, we are medicine.

WoW! What do you think? Let me know.

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